Vocational Essay, Unit 03

  • What skills are needed to do this kind of work?

The speaker that we listened to works for a digital design company that works primarily for non-profits. To pursue that work, a person would need to have the technical skill to make digital art. From examples of the type of product that she works with, it would also be beneficial to have experience with typography and effective visual advertising.

  • What theoretical ideas do people appear to interact with as a part of this vocation?

Someone working in this industry would need to be able to effectively translate a client’s vision for their project into a visual design, and I think that that communication skill would be one of the most important aspects to being affective in this particular position.

We also heard about how it’s beneficial to keep in touch with the visual trends that are happening around you in the industry. When you know what ideas are live currents in the world that your client’s message is going to be competing in, you’re going to be able to more effectively create something that will help your client have their desired effect.

  • How well do your interests and gifts intersect with this field?

I would personally love to work with non-profits. The speaker did talk about how oftentimes when working with that sort of organization, especially organizations that might be primarily funded via donations, it can sometimes be a sort of service to make pieces for them, just because they might be tighter on expendable cash than a major corporation. Whether or not I would be in a place to be able to live securely while working in that circumstance would be something to take into account if I wanted to go into that field – or, how I might go about finding alternate sources of income while still being able to perform well as per my responsibilities.

  • What would you need to do between now and your graduation date to be successful in this field?

Of the programs offered by SPU, I think that the Visual Communications major would probably best equip a person to be successful in this particular field. That’s a different program than the major that I am working toward, but if I were to be interested in this type of work, I could always see what courses within my current intended major (Digital Media and Photography) would best prepare me for that desired position.


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